Inge Brakman appointed new chairman of STAK AAB

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As of 20 July 2019 Inge Brakman will be the new chair of the board of stichting administratiekantoor continuïteit ABN AMRO Bank (STAK AAB), in which position she will succeed Peter Ingelse, who held that position for a period of four years and will continue to form part of the board as vice chairman.

Inge Brakman has been on the board of STAK AAB since its incorporation in July 2015, when she was asked by the Minister of Finance, NLFI and ABN AMRO to become a board member. Thus far she has held the position of vice chair of the board.

Peter Ingelse was also asked by the Minister of Finance, NLFI and ABN AMRO to join the board of STAK AAB at its incorporation in 2015. In the past four years he held the position of chairman and will now start his second term of office as vice-chairman. The board of STAK AAB is made up of four members: Inge Brakman (chair), Peter Ingelse (vice-chairman), Cilian Jansen Verplanke (executive secretary) and Marc van Gelder (finances).

The board members Brakman and Ingelse have been board members since the incorporation in 2015 and will now start their second four-year term of office, thus ensuring continuity in the board. The members Jansen Verplanke and Van Gelder were appointed for a four-year term in 2018. The board members' curricula vitae may be found on this website.